Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Density Meter Law Enforcement Uses for Contraband Detection

Campbell-Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO), the world leader in contraband detecting equipment, is the creator of the renowned Buster K910B Density Meter. The world's first hand-held and portable density meter is used for detecting hidden contraband and smuggled items. A lot of the companies that followed are trying to copy the Buster, since most of their products are based on it. But the Buster still maintains its position as the "gold standard" for contraband detection.

Patrick J. Campbell founded CSECO in 1984. Before that, he had already been a veteran in his field -- that is, he had years of experience in manufacturing contraband detection devices using radioactive technology. One day, Campbell was approached by members of the federal government who requested him to develop a tool that would help them in detecting hidden contraband. Campbell and the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents -- who were going to be the end users of the device -- contributed their own inputs which resulted into the Buster K910B.

Since the Buster K910B aka the Buster was introduced, it has been widely used, trusted and recommended by local, federal and state law enforcement agencies, as well as the CBP inspectors and other interdiction officers. Not only has the Buster gained praises from the American law enforcement agencies, it has also been garnering plaudits from similar agencies in several countries around the world.

The Buster has a low-intensity gamma radiation which means it can read the density of a possible hidden object. When agents using the Buster density meter notice the sudden changes in the density, then it would indicate the presence of contraband. This would lead the officers to conduct a thorough investigation. The great thing about the Buster is that it allows the user to scan a variety of surfaces without having to destroy them externally. The moment the Buster gives off an alarm, and then they can tear down the material being scanned, then expose and confiscate the hidden items.

Speaking of giving off an alarm, the Buster sends both audible and visual alerts the moment it detects a drastic and unusual change of an object's density. These alerts will inform the officers and CBP agents of the presence of drugs, narcotics, and other contraband stuff.

Competitors use the old technologies like the ultraviolet wave, millimeter wave, radio wave and micro wave. This very equipment can scan only one or a couple of surfaces. The Buster has the ability to scan every type of surface --  be it wood, metal, reinforced plastic, concrete, rubber, even organic matter such as liquid (like fuels) and soil. In addition, the Buster can detect the density of every type of contraband -- narcotics, drugs, currency, jewelry, gold, cigarettes, liquor, weapons and explosives. This proves how really powerful and reliable the Buster is.

The Buster can also detect the presence of the dangerous radiation. Its most recent technology, the RAD-Aware, enables the first responders to establish safety perimeters in case of a dirty-bomb detonation or any other radioactive release. This will keep the agents and civilians out of harm's way.

The Buster's K910B's stability, reliability, accuracy, ease of use, versatility and safety make it as the number 1 density meter every law enforcement uses for contraband detection.

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